Белка Ласаре, бумага/принт 50/70 см, 2015 г


В наличии


Belka Lassaire – Meskhishvili was born in 1969 in Tbilisi, Georgia. She studied at Niko Nikoladze Art College, then she continued her education as a violinist at Tbilisi State Conservatory. In 1993 she moved to Paris, where she continued her study at French National Conservatory. Belka works in photography and collage. She participated in different exhibitions in Georgia and abroad: Matignon Gallery – 2005; Stalinland, Georgian Contemporary Art, Chateau Saint Avant, Limousine – 2009; Meeting of Contemporary Georgian Art “Georgia in Saint Avant Palace†– 2011; “Positions, Georgian Artists from Europeâ€. National Library of Georgian Parliament – 2014; Art Vilnius – 2014.

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