Ivan Korshunov ( 1983), “Ветер перемен”, oil on canvas, gilding, 50,5/31 cmm, 2020


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Korshunov Ivan


Born in 1983 in Moscow (Russia).

Graduated from the Moscow State Academic Art Institute named after V.I. Surikov (2007),

Graduated the Institute of Contemporary Art, Moscow (2003).

Member of Moscow Union of Artists.

Grant of the Ministry of Culture (2007-2008, 2016).

Doctor of Art Criticism.

The works of Ivan Korshunov are in private collections in Russia, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Latvia, England and the National Museum of Beijing (China).

Lives and works in Moscow, Russia.

Ivan Korshunov works in the hyperrealistic style of painting, using the old three- stages method of the painting . The author is sure that this method is most organically combined with the philosophy of his work. The most interesting for Ivan is the transformation of traditional images into modern reality, the relation of time and traditions.

Awards and winnings:

Diploma of the Ministry of Culture of Russia for high professional achievements in the arts; Gratitude of the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation;

Two Gratitudes of the Russian Academy of Arts, Moscow;

II Prize “IV Russian competition of young artists named after Pavel Tretyakov, “The State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow;

Gold medal of VTOO sign “Union of Russian Artists” and Laureate Diploma of the All-Russian art exhibition “Young Artists of Russia”, Moscow;

Long list Strabag Art Award 2014, Austria.

Ivan included to the short-list of the All-Russian Competition of Young Artists UNTITLED PRIZE 2018.


Since 2019, Ivan Korshunov  has been included in the All-Russian investment rating “Top-100 Recognized Artists of Russia” (InArt).

He is on the list of the Best Contemporary Artists of Russia (ARTEEX).

Solo exhibitions:

2009 – solo exhibition “About Love” gallery “Na Voznesenskom”, Moscow

2012 – solo exhibition “Adam’s Rib” gallery “Vizit”, Moscow

2013/2014 – solo exhibition “Adam’s rib” gallery Happy Art Museum, Riga, Latvia

2014 – solo exhibition “The second I” gallery Fine Art, Moscow

2014/2015 – solo exhibition “Olshanka” Vostochnaja Gallery, Moscow

2015 – solo exhibition “Living Dead”, Moscow Museum of Modern Art

2016 – solo exhibition “Unnatural Selection”, exhibition hall “Kuznetsky 20”, Moscow

2016 – solo exhibition “Gold or cultural code”, Fine Art Gallery , Moscow

2017  – solo exhibition «Gold», Yang Gallery, Art Zone 798, Beijing, China

2018 – solo exhibition “Kiss”, Fine Art Gallery, Center of Contemporary Art “Winzavod”, Moscow

2019 – solo exhibition “Unconditional presence”, Erarta Museum of Modern Art, St. Petersburg, Russia

Auctions  and International Art Fairs:

2011 – XVI Moscow Contemporary Art Fair “Art Manege”

2013 «Art Cocktail» Art fair, Le Beffroi de Bruges, Belgium, Brugge

2013 – Art Fair Art at the Warehouse, The Netherlands, Rotterdam

2013 – International Art Fair ART GENT, Belgium

2014 – International Art fair “ART RIGA”, Riga, Latvia

2015- International Art fair “ART RIGA”, Riga, Latvia

2016- International Art fair “ART RIGA”, Riga, Latvia

2016 – International Festival of Fine Arts “Traditions and Modernity” Central Exhibition Hall “Manege”, Moscow

2016 – Аuction «MOST», Krasnodar

2016, 2017 – Auction VLADEY 100, Center of Contemporary Art “Winzavod”, Moscow

2017, 2018, 2019 – International Art fair “ART RIGA”, Riga, Latvia

Selected group exhibitions:

2002 – “The Russian still life on the edge of the Millennium”, an exhibition hall of the Presidential Administration of Russia, Moscow

2003 – “Second shift”, Institute of Contemporary Art, Moscow

2003 – Exhibition of the Institute Lifshitz, “The first axiom of” gallery “with` Art “, Moscow

2004 – Exhibition of Contemporary Art Festival “Art Klyazma”, Pirogovo, Moscow region.

2007 – “Light of the World” Exhibition Hall “Manege”, Moscow

2007, 2011 – “Young Artists of Russia”, Central House of Artists, Moscow

2011 – “The Art of independent” Ulyanovsk Regional Museum of Art

2012 – “Sacrifice” Opening gallery “Orleansky”, Amsterdam, Holland

2013 – «PORTRAIT NOW!» Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art, St. Petersburg

2013 – «11 RYSKA», Moscow Museum of Modern Art and Maglehem, Sweden

2013 – Opening Nieuwe Galerie IDA, Waregem, Belgium

2014 – “Art-Marathon” charity exhibition and auction at the center of contemporary art Sokol, Moscow

2014 – “Moscow through the eyes of young-2014” exhibition hall of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, Moscow

2014 – “Time, Forward” Central House of Artists, Moscow

2014 – “Paper, on paper, from paper” Kovcheg Gallery, Moscow

2014/2015 – “Cats in the Manege”  Moscow State Exhibition Hall Novy Manezh

2015  –  “Badge. Symbol” Kovcheg Gallery, Moscow

2015 – “IDEA FIX”, an exhibition hall Rietumu, Riga, Latvia

2015/2016 – “What up” Museum and Exhibition Complex of Moscow Academic Art Lyceum, Moscow

2016 – All-Russian exhibition “Youth of Russia”, Central House of Artists, Moscow

2016 – “Football – Hockey” Center for Contemporary Art “Winzavod”, Moscow

2016 – “That, on which we stand ,” KOVCHEG Gallery, Moscow

2016 – “Quote – deep inside” Parallel Programme V Moscow International Biennale for Young Art, Fine Art gallery, Moscow


2016 – “Look at this world,” State Museum in Beijing, China

2016 – “Nude” Kovcheg Gallery, Moscow

2016 – pre-auction exhibition «MOST», Art Museum named by F.A.Kovalenko, Krasnodar 2016, 2017,2018- pre-auction exhibition «Vladey 100″, Center of Contemporary Art Winzavod, Moscow


2018 – “Actual Russia. Game of the classics “, branch of the NCCA, the Art Museum named by  A.N. Radishchev, Saratov

2018 – “Actual Russia. Game of the classics »Bashkir State Art Museum named by  M.V. Nesterov, Ufa

2018 – “Be careful, children!”, Museum of Art of St. Petersburg of the XX-XXI centuries, St. Petersburg.

2018 – “Picturesque Russia”, Moscow House of Artists at Kuznetsky Most

2018 – “The World of Childhood” Central House of Artists

2018 – exhibition of finalists of the UNTITLED PRIZE 2018 award, “All-Russian Museum of Decorative, Applied and Folk Art, Moscow

2018 – “Apology of Errors”, a retrospective exhibition of the Fine Art Gallery, Moscow Museum of Modern Art

2019 – “Territory of the Stars”, Fine Art Gallery, Winzavod, Moscow

2019 – «NESHEXPIRE. A Midsummer Night’s Dream, EVERAL WEEKEND». 1st Moscow International Festival of Modern Art, Center for Contemporary Art Winzavod, Moscow

2019 – International Festival of Contemporary Art “Wings of Riga”, Riga, Latvia

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