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Information about support and sponsor logotypes will be included on all of the printed productions:

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There is a possibility of using the inside opening of the ART RIGA catalog. There is also a possibility of adding a brochure or any printed material to the catalog.

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Due to the Latvian Republic’s laws there can’t be strong alcoholic beverage advertisements on journal and magazine first pages as well as covers, but it is not prohibited to advertise on the inside.

Because of that we can provide you with the complex advertisment suite – ART RIGA + SPONSORS in the Latvian journals “Santa”, “Pastaiga” and other “Santa” events,

“Lilit”, “Privatā Dzīve” and “Kas Jauns”.

We are also offering you to reserve advertisements in these editions in October and November. (2 months before the event and during it).

In Latvian you can also add advertisements in the informative journal “IR” , magazines “Diena” and “Kultūras Diena”, “Lauku Avīze”.

Dags Vidulejs +37129595885

Gaļina Maksimova +37129177748

About PRESS Program

The Art RIGA VIP Program is a 7-day agenda of exclusive events that includes visits to some of RIGA's top private and corporate art collections, visits to artist studios, curator-led tours of museums and galleries and private receptions. Participation in the VIP Program is by invitation only and is available to the clients of our participating galleries, sponsors and partners, collectors, senior staff at museums and art institutions, curators and advisors. VIP packages are sent before ART RIGA FAIR. For inquiries please contact INFO@ARTRIGA.COM

Riga is the largest city in the Baltic region. Riga Airport, the biggest airport in the Baltic Sea region in the center. Riga Art mesa is currently the largest Latvian Railway Museum Hall. - 5 minute drive from Riga Airport. Rigas Jurmala traditional Russian summer houses of the rich citizens residence. It is a major global art-educated segment of customers. Art buyers from Post Soviet republics Riga Western art is the art flagship prestige. Art in the eyes of investors from Western countries at the Riga Art Market Annual visited is the easiest place to buy post-Soviet art masterpieces. Art Riga producer group launching the development of the art market, has invested 3 million Euros and built Pinakotēka -Rīga exhibitions - trade area of 2,500 m2 building on the highway between Riga Airport and 5 minutes from the historic center and 10 minutes from the biggest resort in the Baltic - Riga Jurmala. The exclusive museum quality building located Brend company building near BMW, LEXUS, TNT, USA EMBASSY, shopping center SPICE and Depo etc.. Pinakotēka building was held in a number of world quality according to international exhibitions. Regional Baltic Festival artists. Professionals in the field Latvian Artists' Union Fair. For the first time in Latvian art due to the latest technologies in the quality of the building. However, due to the banking crisis we are currently building for rent. Looking for partners - investors, to our grand possibilities realized. Post-Soviet countries and the Scandinavian countries have the capital, where the art gallery is not. Riga is around 100 high quality galleries. Several of Art University, an incredible number of art schools. Riga is undoubtedly a record breaking artists including the density of the population. Art tourists are drawn by artists atelje routes. Riga city is the Hanseatic League, one of the largest historical old town centers in Europe. Riga is ideally arranged for tourist accommodation, with parks, restaurants, hotels RIGA ART FAIR time. These are just a few of the "ART Riga" art market long-term growth.

PRESS Sponsorship Opportunity

At Art RIGA we understand that corporate sponsorship is an important component of supporting the arts and culture sector both within LATVIA- EURPOE and across the globe. We value our relationships with our sponsors and through close collaboration we strive to promote our brands in tandem as high-quality experiences that support the arts and enrich lives.

Our approach to our corporate sponsorship relationships is to organically market the brands leading up to the event through our print and web marketing campaigns, as well as onsite both within the show and as part of our top-tier VIP program and off-site events. Our aim is to provide an experience that follows attendees throughout the year and demonstrates both Art RIGA’s and its corporate sponsors’ commitment to the arts beyond the fair.

Art RIGA offers a broad range of corporate sponsorship opportunities which tie your brand to an event that galvanizes the art world in LATVIA and attracts art lovers worldwide. Specially 2014 Year Riga is the Capital of Europe Culture life.

Art Riga from November 20 to November 25 2017 is finally event.  Only this year, Riga central focus of special attention from the EUROPE national cultural institutions.

For information please contact:

Galina Maksimova   INFO@ARTRIGA.COM

Manager of Programming, Sponsorship and VIP Relations


Dzirnavu 67 (center Galleria RIGA 7 level) Ltd. Euroclub

Riga,LV-1011 Latvia

Tel. +37129595885. +37129177748


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