International art fair “ART RIGA” is intended as an annual long-term project involving art professionals from all over the world: the best art galleries, art critics, specialized cultural magazine publishers. The tradition was founded in 2014 under the aegis of European Capital of Culture, and will be developed over the coming years.

Exhibition Period of Art Riga 2019


The main goals of “Art Riga”:

To earn international recognition as important annual meeting place for arts professionals from Northern, Western and Eastern Europe;

To build the reputation of Latvian artists and art galleries;

To gain deeper understanding of current trends in Baltic region, to sense the worldwide changes in contemporary arts,

and to see our market potential of arts in European and global contexts;

Art Fair is encouraging to participate all professionally operating art galleries, provided that:

the gallery exists more than a year;

the gallerie’s main activity is the principal activity;

the gallery has constant work areas and regular visitors;

The main selection criteria:


If you are interested in membership of RIGA ART FAIR, but you have different legal status, call us, send an email with your offers and needs. We will solve all the organizational aspects. Shall art triumph!


Event organization place:

Latvian Railway History Museum is chosen because of its cultural and historical significance in Riga's environment, capacity  and its easily available location for tourists.

The “Art Riga” event will incorporate not only traditional and interdisciplinary art shows, but also a broad program of analytical discussions and seminars.

We would like to invite everybody to expand their ways of experiencing, enjoying and consuming arts, to change viewpoints and extend their limits of perception.


The Art Fair's round table, conferences and press center will be alongside the railway museum's unique exhibits - a reconstructed variety of Latvian history period wagons, providing the Art Fairs guests and participants information on Riga's technical culture traditions. In an environment, which is based on traditional, historic accomplishments it's particularly nice to dream about the future of art and its development.

Technically, the format is said to divide the following area of the participants choice with the help of booths to homogeneous blocks

and each participant has been given their booth, but the exhibition possibly also might deviate this rule.

 During the Art Fair there is planned a program filled with a variety of activities: opening event with a concert, seminars, round tables, presentations of participants, participants will have a special discount tour around Riga: National Opera Theatre, Latvia National Art Museum.


 The Art Fair is planned for 7 days, from Monday to Sunday, the first day is traditionally intended for the sectors professionals: art dealers, gallery owners, critics.


Event organizer:

Ltd "Euroclub", in collaboration with the exhibition hall "Happy Art Museum" and Ltd "Pinakotēka" Expo hall, Latvian Railway History Museum, ...

Event organizers of the exhibition hall "HAPPY ART MUSEUM" and Ltd "Euroclub" has considerable experience in international exhibitions and major events, most of which are self-financed. From 2008 through 2015, organizers worked in the own exhibition hall "Pinakoteka" 2200m2 and Galleria Riga entertainment center, where the local contemporary artists society Art Fairs exhibition cycle "AUTUMN 2009 ", "AUTUMN 2010" , Latvian premium designer union annual exhibition, the magazine "Rīgas Laiks" anniversary exhibition and others were held. There where international exchange exhibitions with our closest countries; the creative Estonian and Lithuanian artist unions and a spectacular exhibition (around 50 monumental art examples) from St.Petersburg Art Academy fund stocks. Participate in ART HONKONG, ART HELSINKI, ART BRUGGE, ART KUTAISI, exhibitionsTelavive, Frankfurt etc.

The gained contacts from these activities contributes to the creating and developing of “ART RIGA” . The organizers have experience in the distribution of information: a large number of followers on social networks 200000, which continues to grow Twitter -100 000 followers, Facebook the amount of followers -20 000, Linkedin- 40000, on GOOGLE+ one of the leading organizations in Latvia.


November 2019

Application deadlines are at 30st of September 2019

The decision on the selection of potential participants are done by the "ART RIGA" commission in 3 weeks time after the submitted application form and the required visual material has been received.

Application form has to be sent by 30st September 2019 to the electronic mail address:

Each participant receives 5 exhibition catalogs, 5 invitations to all activities related to "ART RIGA".

Participants seperately pay the costs of the exhibition catalogs - 500 EUR.


Payment arrangements

After the commissions affirmative decision and the participation contract is concluded with the organizer, the participant will receive a bill. Participants have to pay 30% of the bill within 10 days of receipt of the bill, and the remaining amount until the 1st of November.

The organizer does not pay for GST (VAT), all of the bills are charged without GST (VAT).


Costs of a booth rent:

White hall

(5 blocks), ceiling height is 4,5 meters

Booth height –

Booth area –

1800 EUR for a booth


Big hall

50m² - 2000 EUR

80 m² - 2500 EUR

100 m² - 3000 EUR

Linear wall space will be specified.

The are available spots with natural lighting from large windows.


Detail selections and additional order form

1. Customs brokerage

2. Montage services

3. Packing service

4. Translations/gallery press release

5. Extra page with text advertising in the exhibition catalog – 400 EUR

6.White wall sticker lettering with artist name


Terms and conditions

Participants undertake to complete all the required payments till the 10th of October and submit all the needed for visual identification materials.

The organizator guarantees, that infromation about all the participants will be entered in and stored until 01.12.2020.

The organizator has rights to use the submitted visual material in all types of advertisement events in the press, electronic communication services , television and others.

The organizator provides the booths art equipment – 1 table, 4 chairs, booth art lighting and an inscription of the participants name.

The organizator if needed, will offer the art work montage service. The cost of the service will be determined precisely by the art work amount and sizes.

Participant booth montage works will take place 2 day – 26-27 of November from 10:00 till 22:00, UMT/GMT +3 timezone.

Participant booth demontage, packing and transportation works will take place from 2 of Decvember 16:00 to 21:00 and the 3 of Decvember from 9:00 to 15:00.

The organizer offers packing service.

During the exhibiton a press-center for the participants, press and for those who are interested will run.

Press-center address: Dzirnavu street 67, shopping and entertainment center “Galleria Riga”, 7th floor, “Happy Art Museum” halls.

          Respectfully, ART RIGA organizators


          Dags Vidulejs 

          Member of the Board, Art Riga event coordinator Happy Art Museum, Ltd. +37129595885

          Gaļina Maksimova

          Member of the Board, Euroclub Ltd.

          Event producers group at HAPPY ART MUSEUM Ltd.

          Dzirnavu iela 67, 7th floor of Galleria Riga, Riga, Latvia


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