APPLICATION FORM for participants art fair riga 2015 
Ⓒ GAĻINA MAKSIMOVA  +37129177748  (по русски-latvisk)
Ⓒ  DAGS VIDULEJS         +37129595885  (english-по русски-latviski)
organizers Properties:  
Beneficiary                                   EUROCLUB, Ltd                                                          Registration No.           40103696161
Legal address                              Stabu street 62-18A, Riga, Latvija, LV-1009             VAT.   No.                     LV40103696161
Bank account                               CITADELE bank, code PARXLV22                            account  no.                  LV31PARX0013763670002
place of Receipt                           Dzirnavu street 67, level 7. Commercial Center     "Galeria Riga"               "Happy Art Museum", Latvija
Ltd EUROCLUB  actual address: Dzirnavu str. 67, 7.level center "Galleria Riga" LV-1011
Art Fair Address "LATVIAN RAILWAY MUSEUM" Uzvaras bulvaris 2/4, LV-1048  
"RIGA ART FAIR 2015" participants meeting club in "HAPPY ART MUSEUM"  entertainment center "GALLERIA RIGA" 23/11 to 30/11.2014 9:00-24:00

Apply to our Show
Galleries may submit applications for multiple sectors to each of show. Art Riga is strongly rooted in the principle that galleries play an essential role in the development and promotion of visual arts. Gallerists and artists worldwide are reviewed and selected against the same rigorous criteria, thus ensuring that each event brings together work of the highest standard.

The Latvian Railway history museum was founded on August 30, 1994, along with the establishment in Riga. The museum is situated on the left bank of the Daugava River at Uzvaras Boulevard  in an old engine warehouse.
In 1999 the renovation of the museum building started. The complex of the building includes exposition halls, an office and an exposition in a carriage. A new exhibition hall in the engine warehouse was opened in September 2000.
The 19th century locomotive workshop can be used for conferences, meetings, banquets and other events (500 seats in theatre style, 300 seats in banquet style)
Large Hall – 1050 m2, with authentic brick walls, 6.5 m high ceilings and some railway exponents that create special and unique atmosphere.mailto:info@artriga.comhttp://WWW.ARTRIGA.COMshapeimage_25_link_0shapeimage_25_link_1
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